Marquesa's beach and Fangar's tip

Among small dunes of fine sand, in the Marquesa's beach can enjoy the sun and rest, an evironment characterized by the amplitude and tranquility.

The Fangar's tip for its semidesert appearance; the Fangar0s beach is one of the most unusual zones of Ebre's litoral. Predominate sand dunes very well conserved and it is one point of the delta where the mirages are best seen.

La Bassa de les Olles

It's one of the smallest pond in the Ebre Delta. Although the surface is only 54 hectares, the total protected area is around 392.74 Ha. Begins at the Arenal beach and extends until Goleró area.

Laguna del Canal Vell

It's a pond with a big faunistic wealth, where take refuges and identifies differents birds types, especially wild ducks.

Desembocadura del rio Ebro y el Garxal

Undoubtedly, the most attractive zone to enjoy the contrast of fresh water of the river with the salt water of the Mediterranean. The Garxal si a group of small islets and lakes where you can admire a variety of waterfowl.

Rio Migjorn y Alfacada

This branch of the river measuring 3,5 km in length. Anciently it worked as principal river mout. Currently this branch stays most of the time covered by a sand barrier in the shoreline end, nothing else operative under extreme conditions above all in winter. Alfacada is a shoreline lake of reduced dimensions, 104,57Ha but stand out by his exceptional ornithology.

Ullals de Baltassar

In the limit of the continental towers of the Delta, among Amposta's line to Sant Carles de la Rapita. Are cores groundwater or wellsprings freshwater at ground level.


With 1192 Ha is the largest lake in the delta. It is possible of turn around the lake, with paved and unpaved paths.

La Tancada

With an area of 312 Ha is limited on the east by the sea and the Alfacs bay on the south. There is an equipment: MónNatura Delta de l'Ebreinvite to make a travel to discover the magic of the Delta. Salt, birds and traditional fishing.

Punta de la Banya y puerto dels Alfacs

Is the largest natural area remaining in the Ebre Delta, and for that be preserves and protects wildlife and vegetation. The Trabucador, sand barrier of 5 km, it is the link between the tip and the rest delta and the path to go the Salines de la Trinitat.